Wat heet! Lisa Van Cuijk, vriendin van PSV-doelman Eloy Room, geniet in tijger-badpak van de hitte

Lisa van Cuijk is foodblogster en de leuke vriendin van PSV-doelman Eloy Room. Ook Lisa moet naast het vele sporten af en toe relaxen. Waar kun je dat nou (momenteel) beter doen dan op het strand?

For those who think they will feel secure and good about themselves when they have reached the perfect body... guess again! ☺️ it will never be good enough and comparing and judging is our system! But there is 1 solution ♥️ What I experienced about insecurities is that it’s only a insecurity in your mind! It’s a thought. If you couldn’t think you wouldn’t be insecure because you had no idea! ☺️ I’m realistic enough that it’s freakin difficult in the time we live in to accept everything. Every flaw you have! The reason I started my healthy lifestyle was one (a had health problems) but two, also because I didn’t liked my body... I think that’s the reason with 9 out of 10 girls so don’t feel bad about it! The only thing I want to say is that you don’t need to feel bad about anything!!!! It has no good function you will only feel fucking bad... so what can you do??? (PS: I tried everything!) When I feel insecure, when I feel less than someone or whatever, I feel pain for a few minutes and then I will distract my mind to something else. There is no shortcut, there is no easy solution or like I told you in the beginning, reaching for a perfect body will not help you. And I know when you have real big health or body issues it can partly help but still it’s your mindset...... just distract yourself and accept what just happened. I’m going to tell this story many times more because I know so so so many girls are struggling with this! I still experience this to sometimes and it’s a painful feeling but you can be in peace ♥️ Really!!! What is your biggest insecurity? Do you think you can learn to accept it? #loveyourbody

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